EXHIBITIONS / SCREENINGS 2012: Screening/Presentation: mise en abyme, video program curated by Sandra Skurvida, Sazmanab Platform for Contemporary Arts - Tehran, Iran - Part of me : Mise en abyme / IRANIAN ARTS NOW Festival - Cité internationale des Arts - Paris, France - THE INVISIBLE PRESENT, Curated by Amirali Ghasemi / CAMERA/Stephen Bulger Gallery / Toronto, ON - Group Show “Control Tower”, Faravahar Gallery – Tehran, Iran Artist talk, Parking Gallery, Tehran, Iran Solo exhibition “Üres Terek [empty spaces]”, CEAAC [European Center of Contemporary Art] – Strasbourg, France Solo exhibition “île-Wald”, Shaufenestre Gallery - Selestat, France 2011 Group Show, “Iran via Video Current”, Thomas Erben Gallery - NYC, USA Group Exhibition “The Invisible Present” - Oi Futuro, Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Artist talk, Séquence Gallery - Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada Group Exhibition “100 drawings for Vietnam war”, Complot Gallery , Bruxelles, Belgium – Le Commissariat Gallery, Paris, France Ikono.tv, Invited by Amirali Ghasemi - Online Group Show “Actual French Video Art”, Invited by Écrasement Faciale, French Cultural Centre of Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta, Indonesia “Vidéoformes 11” festival, official selection - Clermont-Ferrand, France Group Exhibition, Aubette Gallery - Strasbourg, France “Limited Access 3” festival - Tehran, Iran | London, UK 2010 MADATAC 2010 festival / Special Mention - Madrid, Spain El Festival de Vídeo Arte de Camaguey - Camagüey, Cuba La Nuit Blanche : Projection of “re-iter” vidéo séries //// “memoria” application, Le CENTQUATRE - Paris, France Transfera TV Program - Madrid, Spain Solo exhibition : Interactive Installation « arboreal », Le CENTQUATRE - Paris, France Projection & Artist talk « Impasses », Le CENTQUATRE - Paris, France DEMO version of project « memoria », recited routes, GPS guided sound walks in 19th district - Paris, France Solo exhibition : Installation « Jardins persans (persian gardens) », Le CENTQUTRE - Paris, France 2009 Group show : Experimental 3 / Ciné Nouveau & Festival Acqua Suito - Osaka, Japan Athene Film Festival - Athene, Greece 2008 CologneOFF IV Mother (special festival program) Videochannel - Cologne/Online, Germany « 21th Instants Video » festival – Marseille, France “Oslo Screen” festival - Oslo, Norway Group exhibition “MultiChannel”, ArtSway’s galleries - Sway, UK Performance “Visions Prénatales”, MAMCS (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg)’s Auditorium – Strasbourg, France 2007 Artist talk, Art Centre “Afsan-Honar” – Bandar Abbas, Iran 2006 “Filmer en Alsace” Festival – Strasbourg, France Performance “Visions Prénatales” for the opening of the new Strasbourg’s Conservatoire at the Medical Department, Marc Bloch University – Strasbourg, France Projection of “Apparition # II” at the Art Centre “Maison d’Image” – Strasbourg, France Collective exhibition “Fenêtre sur rue”, Gallery of Beaux Arts Art School of Rouen – France 2005 VideoArt Festival – Bordeaux, France 2004 Presentation of the one-channel video “AIR” at the Cable Television of the city of Strasbourg, France COLLECTIVES 2006 Member of “NoctiLUCA” (Ubiquitous Laboratory of Artistic Creation), Artists, musicians and scenographers - France | Spain | Netherlands Founder member of “Horizome” association of artists and anthropologists - France 2007 Founder member of “GRAA” (Group of Artistic Research in Apartments), Artists Collective - France RESIDENCIES 2011 Artist-in-Residency, Schaufenster Gallery, Selestat, France Artist-in-Residency, Budapest Galleria | CEAAC | Historical Museum of Budapest Artist-in-Residency, pa-f (Performing Art Forum) - Saint Herme, France Artist-in-Residency, « Géographies Variables », Séquence - Chicoutimi, Canada 2010 LA VILLA DU LAVOIR Artist-in-residency, “L'entreprise Culturelle” - Paris, France - Artist-in-residency, Le CENTQUATRE, Artistic establishment of the city of Paris - Paris, France 2006 VOYAGE À DISNEY LAND - UNE FICTION ETHNOLOGIQUE workshop Euro Disney, Marne la vallée AWARDS 2011 Scholarship of Budapest Galleria | CEAAC | Historical Museum of Budapest for residency Scholarship of Ministry of International Relations of Quebec - General Consulate of France at Québec – FFQCD for residency 2011 Bursary award for multimedia and digital artistic creation (DICRéAM), Cinematographic National Center(CNC) - France 2010 Scholarship for residency in CENTQUATRE, Paris – France MADATAC 2010 / Special Mention - Madrid, Spain 1996 Ranked #1 in the entire nation at the National University Entering Concourse - Iran INTERVENTIONS / WORKSHOPS 2010-2011 Guest Artist in Workshop-Project "archi-portrait ", in "Art and Culture at High School” project, Joliot-Curie school - Stains, France 2010 Workshop in digital art, Plaine Commune's libraries : Albert Camus / Epinay-sur-Seine, France Workshop "Turning and experiments" with children from 3-6 years, CENTQUATRE, Paris, France Workshop "How my city will be more beautiful?" Synesthesia Association and Cyber Nanterre, Nanterre, France Experimental workshop on space and video, kindergarten Olivier Metra, Paris, France 2009 Two weeks of workshop in the framework of program "Art Hors Format" partnership between ESAD and ABA, Academy of Fine Arts of Kinshasa, Kinshasa, DRC Workshops in digital art, Plaine Commune's libraries : Jacques Duclos / Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and John Lennon / La Courneuve, France Guest Artist in the module “Assembly(s) and Friction(s)" on the 2nd semester with students from first year of the ESAD, Strasbourg, France Workshop "Making an animated film", Synesthesia Association and Cyber Nanterre, Nanterre, France 2008 Teaching Assistant / Guest Artist during “Benda Bilili” festival, Superior School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, France 1999-02 Drawing workshops «Dreams» & «Illustrating tales» for children of 3-5 & 6-10 years, «Forough» kindergarten, Tehran, Iran Drawing workshops and music for the deaf and dumb, in collaboration with the sixth district of Tehran, Iran INTERSHIPS July 2010: Mediamuseum, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany 2008-2009: Lowave : Independent DVD label, Paris, France 1997-1999: Animator of animation films for national television (TELE 2), Cinematographic and Animation «Film-e-Aval», Tehran, Iran EDUCATION: 2007-2010: Researcher in Interactive Arts at ENSAD [Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Décoratives], Interactive installations & Locative Media Research Groups with Jean-Louis Boissier / Jean_François Depelsenaire / Samuel Bianchini - Paris, France 2010: MA Art and Technology of New Media with Jean-Louis Boissier, Paris VIII University - Paris, France 2004–2006: Participant at courses in ethnology, Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg II) - Strasbourg, France 2006: DNSEP [National Superior Diploma of Fine Arts, MFA] with honors - France 2003-2006: ESADS [Superior School of Decorative Arts] with Pierre Mercier / Fracisco Ruiz de Infante / Eléonore Hellio - Strasbourg, France 2001: BA in Painting, Tehran University, Department of Fine Arts - Tehran, Iran Anahita Hekmat was born in Tehran. She took a bachelor’s degree in painting at Tehran University. In 2003 she moved to France where she continued her studies at the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, concentrating on video and installation. At the same time she discovered her interest in anthropology. Between 2007 and 2010, she was a member of the group of research and Innovation at the EnsadLab in the field of interactive devices, developing work that crosses ethnographic methodology and subjective imagination. In the various realizations of her work, her aim is to combine both realities of a specific space and an observed object. These hybridizations, worked out through various media, conjure up fleeting universes that attest to a parallel and invisible world, while at the same time offering a unique vision of the contemporary world. Her works construct a suspended time in which individuals abstracted from their spatial dimension brush the frontiers of documentary and fiction. She works both solo and in collaboration with other specialists to create the Multidisciplinary Multimedia experiences.